An Online Radio Station Software

  • Multi Channel

    Talk enables the host to go with multi channel to play different themes with both static and dynamic channels.

  • Mobile apps

    The radio station will run either in existing mobile apps or you can make your own mobile apps.

  • Widgets

    Talk enables to play the channel in different interfaces like websites, mobile apps, blogs, facebook..

  • Notifications

    Talk pushes the notifications related to radio application in websites and mobile apps.

  • Live Radio

    Live radio enables the host to conduct live radio events or programs.

Users enjoy a hands-free mobile experience while driving, working out, cooking. Developers use Wit to easily build a voice interface for their app.

"Talk is an online radio station software, which enables the host to run the radio station 24 X 7 with lesser human intervention. Talk is user friendly to run the radio for different verticals like Entertainment, Universities /Colleges /Schools, Religious organizations and also in Chain markets to promote their brands."



IT Manager , Barista
Master EK Spiritual & Service Mission

Talk is incredible, with no human intervention my radio apps works seamless.

Sr.Manager , Doosra
Kalas 3

With basic version, my stations are running smoothly. Multi interface option attracting many listeners.

Managing Partner , ARSMKE
Telugu Christian Ministries(TCM)

Great product. I am running my spiritual radio station with Talk Lite version, My devotees are connecting through mobile apps and having the good experience.

About us

Talk is a radio station software which helps to run the internet radio station or online radio station. Talk supports different types of channels like static, dynamic and auto & Manual schedules. Multiple channels can be maintained at ease to play different themes.


Talk comes with different flavors or versions i.e. Fully automated, Talk Radio Lite and Basic.


  • Static Channel
  • Static Playlist
  • Basic Configurations
  • Live Radio
  • Widgets
  • Channel Controller


  • Static & Dynamic
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Manual Scheduling
  • Manual Playlist
  • Widgets
  • Complete automation
  • Metadata Management
  • Live Radio

Talk Basic: With 4 simple steps you can run your own radio with the help of Talk. It comes with Basic configurations, Creating the static channels & playlist Then generate the script and use.

Talk Radio Lite: Talk Radio Lite supports Manual scheduling and Manual playlist creations. This version comes with Basic configurations, Static & Dynamic channel creation, Program creation for the channels. The playlist can be created in both the ways i.e. scheduling and manual process.

Talk Fully Automated: alk Radio Lite supports Manual scheduling and Manual playlist creations. This version comes with Basic configurations and schedule pre configurations like movies, file types, songs, themes, fillers, signatures & jingles. Static & Dynamic channel creation, Program creation for the channels. After all mandatory pre configurations, Talk engine will create the schedule automatically and plays at appropriate station/channel.
Finally, you need to place the generated scripts into the interfaces where you want to play this station.

Whom we target

Talk Radio station software targeted audience are Educational institutes (Schools, Colleges & Universities), Religious organizations (Temples, churches and all religious organizations), Chain markets & Community centers….. For more details see the case studies.

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